Saturday, September 12, 2015

Talkin' 'bout my best friend

The Queen is happy that the royal canines get along so well and have since day one.

Mr. Bo-Bo likes to initiate play. Daisy Bear likes to ignore his impassioned pleas. 

No thank you, I'd rather roll in the grass. It's fun. You should try it.

I'm far too distinguished for that, note my regal profile. I think I'll sniff the air instead.

And this patch of grass is interesting.

Time for the Queen to get back to work sanding down pallet wood for the wall.

Seventeen more boards ready for stain, although some will be left naked.

Did you know that toad poop is almost as big as a toad?

At first we thought a raccoon had somehow gotten into the basement, but thankfully it was just a toad. With disproportionately large poop.

Back to the besties. Loud sounds startle Mr. Bo-Bo and he seeks the comfort of his humans and sometimes plays little spoon with Daisy Bear...

... who doesn't mind one bit.

Sometimes they both end up in my lap. Mayor Tom wanted to sight in a gun this afternoon and they were stuck to me like glue.

The King has been busy building evil genius type things like this bin for the pallet wood storage made out of scrap wood and slide jacks we had for our RV.

And this rack for our yard tools.

We keep the torture rack next to the oubliette.

He cut out slots where the tools can hang.

And repurposed this wire shelf for his work bench.

But don't worry, he makes time for play.

While tomato season may be coming to a close, we still have a couple coming!

I also read that I can take a cutting of this plant, put it in water over the winter, and I can replant it next summer. Woot! A free tomato plant from a free tomato plant. I may take another cutting before the frost hits so I won't have to buy any plants next year.

We also have this tiny pepper and several buds.

These are my lemon trees. I took seeds out of a lemon and put them in dirt... and they grew! I don't know if they'll ever produce lemons since they were grocery store lemons and probably hybrids, but you never know.

Here is my tomato cutting, and a coleus cutting that I stole from the bank this afternoon. Seriously, I loved the colors on it so I picked a stem knowing that it's pretty easy to propagate coleus from a cutting. I like to think I provided them with free landscaping services by pinching the plant before it bolts... so we bartered...

And just because it looks cool, my salad bowl, with barely enough for a proper side salad... by hey - it grew! Gives me hope for a real garden.

It was actually chilly today, and tonight it started raining. If I liked pumpkin this is when I would start to celebrate, because it's now pumpkin flavored anything time of year. I just rejoice because I can wear warm and fuzzy clothes again and snuggling with the dogs is far more satisfying when I'm cold.


  1. I tried to have one of those cute little hummingbird feeders, but it didn't work out. Big birds, like 50 times bigger than a little bitty hummer would fly in from the desert and would land on it, and hang upside down, and curl their beaks around to get at the juice. Eventually they would pull the bottom off the feeder and let all the juice out.

    I really did try, but never saw an actual humming bird.

    share-a-like dot com

    1. Our hummers are rubythroated hummingbirds and they are aggressive, so they tend to chase anything away. But we do have a woodpecker who hangs upside down from the other bird feeders because he's too big to perch, it's funny to watch.